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Malware Removal Specialists

Malware Removal Specialists

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Malware & Virus Removal

Our experts will start with a full system scan to identify the type of malware on your computer. Once identified we will begin a manual process to properly remove the malware from your PC instead of just relying on automated tools. This process includes deleting the files and droppers left by the virus. In addition, we will remove any entries that the virus leaves which will cause it to to automatically restart upon a reboot. Finally, we will do an additional system scan to make sure there are no remnants left after our work is done.

Startup Optimisation

One of the biggest user complaints is how long it takes their computer to start up when it is turned on. Over time as more and more programs are installed they add entries to your registry that will force the program to start when your computer is powered on. This slows down your boot time making your computer take a long time to get to the desktop. We optimise your start up process manually so that your computer starts up as quickly as it did the day you purchased it.

Security Updates

All operating systems have regular security updates that are released on a regular schedule. These updates are critical to the security of your computer and preventing malware and identity theft. We make sure your computer is properly updating it’s software on a regular basis for your operating system and third party applications such Adobe and Java to reduce the risk of viruses and trojans.

Vulnerable Software Removal

Hackers and malware will always attempt to exploit vulnerable software installed on your computer. There are countless vulnerabilities that exist in the most popular applications like Adobe Flash, Java, and Adobe Reader. Most of the times, these programs come pre-installed on your computer from the day you bought it. Over time, they do not get updated and will have many vulnerabilities associated with them that can be easily exploited by malware or identity thieves. We manually remove all of these unused, vulnerable programs or replace them with less risky programs.

Junkware Removal

Nowadays, every time you install or update a piece of software on your computer it will secretly install another program in the background on your PC. Websites do this to make money because they get paid each time this software is installed. After several months you will have dozens of these hidden programs slowing down your PC. Our technicians manually remove all these unnecessary pieces of junk software to make sure your computer is running optimally

Signs of Malware

Any of the following symptoms can be a sign your computer is infected:

  • Strange Messages from Windows
  • Annoying pop-ups
  • Anti-Virus Software is disabled
  • Slow computer performance
  • Unable to access common websites
  • Redirection to fake website
  • Random reboots while working
  • Very slow Internet browsing
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